Skin and Sex

Dermatology (Skin & VD)

Condition Treated

Skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, fungal infection, etc.

Hair fall treatment & solution of unwanted hair growth

Nail diseases

Sexual disorders

Autoimmune diseases

Other viral, bacterial skin, hair & sexual disease

Concern Department Investigation

All routine investigations of blood
Plus, Skin scrapping/nail clippings for fungal M/E and culture
S. testosterone
S.FSH, LH, prolactin
USG of whole abdomen/genitalia
S. IgE
Wound swab for C/S
Vaginal/Endocervical swab for C/S

Concern Department IPD


Concern Department OPD

Need some association with endocrinology, surgery & medicine department in some cases for further management

Resuscitation in the emergency department.

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