Our Microbiology & RT-PCR Department is serving from the very beginning of this pandemic situation. Infrastructure of this RT-PCR lab is very much scientific and modern. Consultants and all the scientific officers are highly skilled and efficient. All the lab work is done under supervision of the consultants. Infection prevention and control (IPC) practice is highly appreciated. All the PCR reagents used in the lab is quality and FDA approved. Our lab is in service for 24/7. In every step of lab work such as sample collection, processing and result analysis we maintain accuracy and efficiency.
in Microbiology lab we are doing different kinds of culture and sensitivity according to CLSI (Clinical & laboratory standard institute) and staining procedure. Lab consultant contacts to the concern clinicians to explain and help the condition of patients.
In future, there will be a lot of available services in lab to serve the country and nation.

Condition Treated

Any Medical condition like-
Heart diseases,
Diabetes mellitus and related complication,
Respiratory tract infection,
Gastro intestinal disorder and many more diseases including acute infection and emergencies,
All microbiological activities like Gram stain, Culture, Sensitivity & PCR related test.

Concern Department Investigation

RT-PCR laboratory:
1. RT- PCR of SARS Cov-2
2. Rapid Antigen Test

Microbiology Laboratory:
A. Culture & sensitivity-
1. Blood
2. Urine
3. Stool
4. Pus etc.
B. Staining-
1. Gram staining
2. AFB Staining

Concern Department IPD

IPD samples collection for microbiological examination, antibiotic sensitivity, Nasal & throat swab collection for PCR & Rapid antigen test.

Concern Department OPD

Proper samples collection for Culture, sensitivity & PCR.

Any Microbiology related activities.

Dr Afsana Mahbub

Dr. Sheikh Joly Ferdous Ara

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Dhanmondi Branch

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